Mövenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc - Luxury hotel - Blending with nature, filled with laughter

Blending with nature, filled with laughter

It’s been said that “the best thing you can give your children is time” and that’s absolutely true, especially now. Take this “break” to fully enjoy your little angel and fill the gaps in your heart with your baby’s laughter and unforgettable moments at Mövenpick Phu Quoc.

Coming to the pearl island with its lush tropical trees and melodious ocean waves, the little angels’ vacation will be more special because they will be able to freely play with nature at the outdoor children’s play area.

In the spacious entertainment space, children can freely play on swings, slides, rope bridges, and innocently run and jump on the spacious lawn. Watching children play freely and grow naturally is a priceless moment that Mövenpick Phu Quoc wants to cherish and cherish forever with their parents. And those are also the cherished wishes that make Mövenpick Phu Quoc – a family resort that truly becomes a home, a place to return to.


Mövenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc ☆☆☆☆☆
Group 1, Ong Lang Beach, Cua Duong Village, Phu Quoc City, 92507 Kien Giang, Vietnam, Phu Quoc City
Tel: +84 2972 6999 99
Email: HB4V5@movenpick.com

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