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Phu Quoc must-try delicacies

Top 5 Phu Quoc must-try delicacies in the pearl island

Herring fish salad
Combining together fresh fish meat in a pleasing combination with veggies like coconut, onion, chili,… Herring salad is an exquisite dish that embodies the culinary identity of pearl island. The delicate aroma of freshly chosen herring breast meat mixed with just a little sweet and spicy sauce makes any guest nod in agreement.

“Stirring” noodle
“Stirring” noodle has a unique and strange taste with a variety of seafood such as squid, fish cake, and shrimp paste served with onions, herbs, and broth. The special feature of this dish is that the dipping sauce is “stirred” by the diners themselves.

Phu Quoc upland chicken
The chicken is solid, fragrant, delicious, and a favorite among many diners because it is raised in a garden using only natural food. Upland chicken can be cooked in a variety of ways, including boiling, grilling, chicken rice, chicken vermicelli, chicken salad, and more.

Crab fried rice
The most enticing feature of this mouthwatering dish is how every crab flesh fiber melts in the mouth when it is fried with rice, chicken eggs, garlic, spices, and a little aromatic hot pepper.

Melaleuca mushroom
Phu Quoc Melaleuca mushrooms have a flavor that is slightly harsh and fatty at the tip of the tongue; as time passes, it gets sweeter and cooler. Melaleuca mushroom nutrients have the effect of boosting the nervous system, making the brain more attentive. Melaleuca mushrooms are frequently used in recipes for soup and porridge.

The Islander Restaurant at Movenpick Waverly Phu Quoc not only offers the typical flavor of Phu Quoc specialties but also deftly adds special recipes to make the dish more delicate, delivering the most fulfilling experience in an elegant dining room by the sea.


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