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Laid-back paradise beaches

Let’s discover top 5 beach paradises in the Pearl Island!

1/ Bai Khem Beach
With its beauty like a winding bow encompassing the vast lush woodlands, Bai Khem Beach ranks as one of the top 50 most beautiful beaches in the world. Millions of tourists arrive every year to enjoy the crystal-clear water along with faraway cliffs embellishing the untamed beauty.

Bai Khen Beach is not only fascinating with a wide range of delightful seaside activities, but it’s also a romantic location to watch the sunrise and savor a passionate sunset.


2/ Bai Sao Beach
Well-known for the beauty of starfish, Bai Sao Beach also owns a long stretch of white sand embracing the turquoise sea and towering coconut trees. The name Bai Sao is derived from the sight of tens of thousands of starfish moving onto the white sand at nightfall.

Visitors can engage in a variety of fun activities while in Bai Sao, including swimming, starfish photography, scuba diving, night squid fishing, and dining on delectable meals.


3/ Bai Truong Beach
Bai Truong Beach is one of Vietnam’s most popular, longest, and most picturesque beaches. Here, tourists can engage in fun activities like swimming and sunbathing in addition to taking in the stunning scenery of the smooth, sandy beach and the cool shade of the tree line.

This area is known as Phu Quoc Island’s central tourism hub, where visitors can soak in the scenery and mingle with the crowds. There are numerous dining establishments, lodging options, vacation spots, and entertainment hubs along Tran Hung Dao Street, which is close to the beach.


4/ Bai Dai Beach
The 15 kilometers of shoreline gave rise to the name Bai Dai Beach. This area is a promising location where you can find the unspoiled beauty and flawless coastline that will wow you the moment you step foot here. When visiting Bai Dai, visitors can immerse themselves not only in the navy turquoise hue of the sea but also in night markets, aquaculture organizations, and bases for the manufacturing of fish sauce, as well as learning about the livelihoods of fishing villages.


5/ Ong Lang Beach
Ong Lang beach is unquestionably where you need to go if seeking for a tranquil beach in Phu Quoc to spend some quiet time. Ong Lang Beach is less crowded and more serene than its counterparts. The alluring combination of blue waters, sparkling golden sands, and the rich plant life extending along its coastline will enchant nature enthusiasts.

The breathtaking sunset sight should not be missed, especially from the rocky area. Watching the sun slowly descend into the horizon while the sky is painted in shades of crimson, orange, and pink is a genuinely magnificent experience.

Ong Lang Beach, while being a remote location, offers luxurious vacation options like Movenpick Resort Waverly Phu, the first five-star property on this beautiful beach.

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